Our Island, Lda
Our Island, Lda

Our Island, Lda

  • Rua Serpa Pinto, 32, Horta, Portugal
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  • Our Island, Lda
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10 Volcanoes Trail – Private Tour Faial

80.00 From Our Island, Lda
The 10 Volcanoes Trail is a full-day activity with 21km, and it’s the most immersive hike on Faial. During the activity, we will see a lot of the island. The hike includes the two most famous points of interest in Faial: Caldeira, and Capelinhos Volcano.

Around Caldeira Trail – Private Tour in Faial

50.00 From Our Island, Lda

The trail around the rim of Caldeira is the highest trail on Faial. Caldeira is a very unique volcanic collapse crater because the high altitude allows for a geological interpretation of most of Faial’s characteristics. The interior of the Caldeira is one of the most important nature preservation sites in the Azores.

Banana Trip – Private Tour in Pico

130.00 From Our Island, Lda

The Banana Trip is a full day cultural tour in Pico island. Usually, we focus on the South coast of Pico island. We will learn about the wine culture and the UNESCO World Heritage vineyards landscape. And we will better understand the importance of the Azores Whaling culture, by visiting a few heritage sites, like the Whaling Museum.

A traditional lunch is included at Lajes village. In between, we will appreciate several natural tide pools and visit the interior of the island, Pico Central Plateau. We call it Banana Trip, because the final goal is to visit our own banana plantation. To check and see if there’s a ripe bunch of bananas, ready to harvest.

The Banana Trip is a private cultural tour in Pico island that offers an exclusive experience. The price includes all expenses from Faial island and back.

Caldeira Descent – Private Tour in Faial

65.00 From Our Island, Lda

The Caldeira of Faial has been a natural reserve since 1972 (category I – IUCN). It’s a volcanic collapse crater with unique characteristics. Since the Caldeira of Faial Descent is such a special experience, Faial Natural Park controls the access to the bottom, issuing only a limited number of permits. For this reason, a certified guide is mandatory for the Caldeira Descent.

Full day discovering Faial – Private Tour

100.00 From Our Island, Lda
Our full-day car tour on Faial will take us all around the island in a fun and engaging way. We will visit Caldeira do Faial, Capelinhos Volcano, Fajã da Praia do Norte, as well as a few other places. Our itinerary is always a surprise. Since the tour is private, we have the flexibility to adapt each tour to our clients’ preferences and to the weather conditions. Our Guides love to share our island’s history and culture, and their knowledge about Azores in general. If you’re interested, we are happy to stop for a swim in the ocean during the summer or for a small hike. Our car tour on Faial is an 8 hours tour with lunch included.

Mountain Bike Tour- Private Tour in Faial

90.00 From Our Island, Lda
Our mountain bike tour crosses Faial Island from east to west. We start riding at Horta and finish in the Capelinhos Volcano. In between, we will see the Caldeira of Faial. This ride is designed for amateur cyclists or sports enthusiasts who practice endurance sports consistently, at least once a week. The route covers 45 km, and 1320 m of elevation gain. We will use mostly dirt roads and secondary roads. The itinerary can change, for our guide will adapt the route depending on the weather conditions and group fitness.

Trail running on Faial – Private Tour

80.00 From Our Island, Lda
Trail running on Faial is a fun way to get to know the island. The 10 Volcanoes Trail is arguably the best medium distance trail running route on Faial and is actually part of the Azores Trail Run race. This trail offers an easy way to sight-see for those who carry their running shoes with them wherever they go.  


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