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Furnas, Tea Plantation and Vila Franca do Campo

We set off from Ponta Delgada in the direction of Furnas along the north coast and on the way we stopped at the Gorreana Tea Factory. Once in Furnas we have the following itinerary planned: - Pico do Ferro viewpoint - Furnas Lagoon and its boilers - Terra Nostra Park or Poça da D. Beija On the way back to Ponta Delgada, we drive along the south side of the island and make the following stops: - Lagoa do Congro - Castelo Branco Viewpoint - Senhora da Paz Viewpoint - Vila Franca do Campo Queijada Factory This tour is available in Portuguese and English

Casa Aguaplano Suite (Available Soon)

80.00 Double Casa Aguaplano
Available soon! Suitable for a family or a group of friends, this 90 sqm suite is spacious with a large kitchen, a cosy living room with a wood-burning stove, and a study with a sofa that can also be used as an extra bed. The deck in front offers the opportunity to enjoy incomparable sunsets Come enjoy the quiet countryside in one of the most lush area of Faial, waking up to the gorgeous sight of the ocean skyilne and countless singing blackbirds.

Casa do Mar

130.00 From Casa Atlantida
Casa do Mar" is a stone house with a panoramic view of the ocean and the sunset, with direct access to the sea. It has a bedroom with a sea view, a living room with a single bed and television, a bathroom and an equipped kitchen (dishwasher and household utensils). Bed linen and towels are provided. We ask that you pay 25 euros per person at check-in for taxes and fees not included. The house is new and cosily decorated

Newly refurbished studio 2024

65.00 From Casa dos Amigos
Bright and spacious studio in a quiet location in the center of Vila do Porto, Perfect for singles or couples  with private garden and private parking. The accommodation is located in a quiet area of the city with a charming atmosphere, sea views and close to all amenities, restaurants, supermarkets, hospital, bus... A pleasant base for discovering the aquatic and terrestrial wonders of Santa Maria

10 Volcanoes Trail – Private Tour Faial

80.00 From Our Island, Lda
The 10 Volcanoes Trail is a full-day activity with 21km, and it’s the most immersive hike on Faial. During the activity, we will see a lot of the island. The hike includes the two most famous points of interest in Faial: Caldeira, and Capelinhos Volcano.

Sunrise climb – Pico Mountain

85.00 goclimbazores
It's a pleasure to invite you to join us on this adventure to the summit of Pico Mountain! This is the most iconic and remarkable experience in the Azores, perfect for those with good physical fitness, even without any mountaineering experience. Start time: between midnight and 3am Average duration: 10 hours

Goat Islets

35.00 OceanEmotion
An ancient volcano, the largest islets of the Azores, nesting ground for a diversity of seabirds and a Protected Area, Ilhéus das Cabras are a great way to experience one of the highlights of Terceira island landscapes. 

Pico Mountain Day Climb

65.00 Hominis Natura

Climbing Mount Pico will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the holiday!

It is a real adventure that requires a good basic level of fitness. 

We start the climb at Casa da Montanha. From there, it is about three hours to the summit. Once at the top, it’s full of breathtaking views. The descent is the toughest part of the climb, but we are by your side with tips and tricks to make it as smooth as possible. 

It is an activity not to be missed and one that will stay with you for the rest of your life. A natural landscape like you’ve never seen before!

Azores Travel Planning – Group Session

25.00 Ilatraveltips
One hour group video call conference with Ilaria (Azores Travel Designer) for a successful travel planning!

VAN TOUR – Underground (Half Day)

The underground caves are one of the most fantastic things to visit on Terceira Island. This tour takes in the Gruta do Natal and Algar do Carvão, as well as the famous Gases Sulfurosos / Furnas do Enxofre and the Lagoa dos Patos leisure area. Meeting Point: Our office in Angra do Heroismo or please indicate below where you want be picked-Up and dropped-Off The tour starts at 2 Pm and lasts about three hours  

Princess Alice Bank (Diving with Mantas)

280.00 Norberto Diver
Diving with Mantas (Mobula tarapacana) is classed as one of the best dives in the Azores. It is located on an underwater bank called "Princesa Alice", about 45 nautical miles south of Faial Island, at a depth of 35 metres. In this experience, you'll have the chance to dive into the heart of the ocean with these majestic animals. Occasionally, you'll also have the chance to see Tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis), Barracudas (Sphyraena viridensis) and Lilies (Seriola rivoliana). * The trip is shared with other participants and requires a minimum of 6 persons

Travel/Relocating advice for the Azores – 30-min. video call

If you are thinking of planning a trip or relocating to the Azores but have many questions that are not clearly answered on the web, we can help you with a dedicated online session!