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Terms and Conditions for Partners

Guide to the Azores

Terms and Conditions for Partners

In order to become a registered PARTNER and start selling your SERVICES on GTTA, you have to accept the following conditions and operations procedures by signing the present Partner Agreement.


– OceaNetwork LDA (from now on referred to as “OCEANETWORK”) develop and maintain the Guide to the Azores Marketplace and content management system (from now on referred as “GTTA”), a reservation and booking online system, which allows any local tourism organisation (from now on referred as “PARTNER”) to populate a dedicated store and distribute their travel and tourism services through GTTA to tourists and travellers (from now on referred as “CUSTOMERS”).

– Any PARTNER is a Partner of OCEANETWORK and by agreeing on these terms and conditions can sell their tour packages and other travel and tourism services (from now on referred to as “SERVICES”) through the GTTA platform.

– GTTA operates only in the Azores (all the nine islands), therefore all the services must be provided exclusively in the Azorean Archipelago, in one or more islands, by local hosts, guides, tour operators, transport companies, activities providers of any kind (e.g. hiking, whale watching, guided tours etc..) , owned by Azorean Residents (either Portuguese Citizens, or Foreign Permanent Residents).

– The Services uploaded to GTTA will be available for sale to final customers without geographical limits;

– OCEANETWORK owns and other portals operated in partnership with “Technological Partners” and “Marketing Partners” and developed to promote the PARTNER’s SERVICES, facilitate the booking of SERVICES by end CUSTOMERS;

– The relation between OCEANETWORK and CUSTOMER only pertains to the booking process and CUSTOMER payments for PARTNER SERVICES, but not for the provisions of the SERVICES, in which case the resolution of disputes pertains to the PARTNER itself.


1.1 To dedicate the maximum effort to increase the number of registered CUSTOMERS by promoting GTTA with all the means necessary;
1.2 To perform random quality control inspections also after the SERVICES before and after the SERVICES are published for the first time;

1.3 To prevent any wrong Data entry related to Service, including descriptions, prices, conditions and any other information which can be loaded inside the Marketplace;
1.4 To prevent any incorrect operation or action or information related to the “Booking” management;

1.5 To protect the privacy of all CUSTOMERS data, loaded inside the Marketplace or communicated to OCEANETWORK, as described inside the Privacy Policy document;
1.6 To consider all PARTNERS equal inside the GTTA and never prioritize any of them for whatever reason;

1.7 To always act as a “super partes” actor when it is involved in data entry and booking operations or is requested to provide its opinion on a claim or a contentious situation between two or more GTTA Partners.
1.8 To allow the access to GTTA, only to all fully registered PARTNERS, invited by OceaNetwork LDA or by at least 1 (one) other PARTNER.

1.9 To immediately take action by banning from GTTA PARTNERS who fail to comply with the “Partner Agreement” or engage in fraudulent practices of any kind toward customers, other partners or Oceanetwork itself.
1.10 To immediately take action, by investigating and eventually suspending Partners not respecting the “Partner Agreement” or reported by more than 3 (three) PARTNERS as not trustable in terms of quality of the services provided or for any other action or communication which may cause a damage to GTTA.


2.1 PARTNER takes full responsibility for all services given and for all information uploaded to GTTA, and information given to CUSTOMERS after the reservation process, once the reservation is confirmed, the responsibility shifts to PARTNER until the service(s) is completed.

2.2 PARTNER accepts to consider OceaNetwork LDA not responsible for all Data Entry and Booking Management operations, incorrectly performed or not performed on time, inside the Marketplace by OceaNetwork LDA when operating on behalf of any Partner;

2.3 The PARTNER agree that their Company name and/or Logo can be displayed, together with a description of its business, in the PARTNERS list page and other pages of GTTA, and also can be included by OceaNetwork LDA in marketing actions or communications exclusively organised to promote GTTA

2.4 PARTNER is responsible for the credentials used for accessing GTTA and is requested to immediately contact GTTA Support in case of any possible fraudulent use operated by a third party.

2.5 PARTNER accepts to use GTTA only for the travel business purposes expressed in this agreement and in compliance with national and international laws and the regulations of this Agreement.

2.6 PARTNER accepts to use GTTA at his own risk.

2.7 PARTNER accepts to manage any complaints or inconvenience occurring to travellers, always favouring dialogue over contrast, as well as respecting the principles of common sense, maintaining constructive behaviour and respecting national and international laws.

2.8 PARTNER acknowledges GTTA, the handbooks and all the pertaining documentation are protected by copyright in favour of OceaNetwork LDA and will be then responsible for all the violations of such rights.

2.9 PARTNER acknowledges that OceaNetwork LDA, for what concern the present agreement, operates only as the architect and the mantainer of GTTA infrastructure and it is involved in the booking operations and payments and it is not involved in the provision of SERVICES.


3.1 Travel services become available to be published on the PARTNER Store or to be booked through the search engines of GTTA, as soon as the staff at GTTA perform basic integrity checks.

3.2 PARTNERS are requested to frequently check the SERVICES loaded for possible incorrect information. PARTNER is invited to immediately correct those information, or in case of troubles of technical nature to inform GTTA through the support email


4.1 GTTA allows PARTNERS to add all information needed for allowing a smooth

booking online experience to the end-user.

4.2 PARTNER is required to make sure that any modification to SERVICES already booked, including for example accommodation or itinerary changes, is communicated to the customer, as soon as known.

4.3 PARTNER is required to make sure that any travel document provided to the travellers respect the information confirmed at the time of the order or after the amendments agreed between parties and include the contact information and the languages available for customer support on site.

4.4 Vouchers are released following the rules defined by the Partner and often the full payment is requested for receiving the travel documents; Partner can also operate in voucher-less mode for some SERVICES. In any case, PARTNER is invited to inform the Partner if the travel documents received are missing information or need to be substituted for any reason.

4.5 After sending an Inquiry, if the quotation for the requested SERVICES has been accepted, PARTNER can request Partner to create a new booking or
add the SERVICE to an existing booking. In case a GUEST Partner in involved the request can be made to directly to OceaNetwork LDA by opening a support ticket.


5.1 OCEANETWORK strongly believes in respect of the Privacy, so PARTNER is invited to thoroughly read and understand the GTTA Privacy Policy, which intends to explain how we operate to protect the Privacy of personal and other data loaded by any registered partner inside GTTA itself.

5.2. PARTNER, every time accesses personal data of CUSTOMERS, shall handle them only and exclusively in order to execute its work, and not with other aims, that could potentially harm other PARTNERS and/or CUSTOMERS and/or OCEANETWORK interests.

5.3. PARTNER authorises OCEANETWORK to access its GTTA store, for viewing and modifying the content of a booking, every time PARTNER request the intervention of OceaNetwork LDA for technical reasons.


6.1 CUSTOMERS pay for the services listed in the GTTA to OCEANETWORK through payment gateways (currently Stripe and Paypal)

6.2 PARTNERS will receive the amount minus the commissions for GTTA as soon as the services are completed and/or after checkout for accommodation. To receive the payments by OCEANETWORK, PARTNER will have to invoice the amount minus the agreed GTTA commissions using an authorised Portuguese invoice software directly to OCEANETWORK. The amount of the pending payments are shown in the “Withdraw” section in PARTNER STORE inside the reserved area of GTTA

6.3 All information about the payments due to PARTNER following a purchase by a customer are registered and accessible in the GTTA Marketplace for each single booking and a history of them is kept for future checks and for the resolution of possible disputes.


7.1 The General Conditions for using the Marketplace of OceaNetwork LDA describe the liability of OceaNetwork LDA regarding the use of the Marketplace by the PARTNER.

7.2 The liability of OceaNetwork LDA regarding the GTTA platform operations is only limited to allowing the correct execution of the operations regarding payments by customers and the resolution of any technical error, which is under its direct control.

7.3 OceaNetwork LDA, except for what stated at point 6.1, is never responsible in front of PARTNERS or other third parties involved for

– any loss of profit or business;
– any late or missed Data Entry or Booking input
– any wrong information about the SERVICES or the PARTNER


8.1 OceaNetwork LDA reserve the right to modify the present Agreement by

providing an immediate and detailed notice to the PARTNER.

  1. 8.2  Modifications can also be deemed to be immediately effective.
  2. 8.3  PARTNER, if not objecting or agreeing on different conditions with

OceaNetwork LDA, accepts the introduced changes under the principle of “tacit approval”.


9.1 After the signature of the present PARTNER Agreement, it becomes immediately effective from the moment the PARTNER makes its first action in the GTTA or makes its first access to the MARKETPLACE.

9.2 This PARTNER Agreement stays valid until the PARTNER or OceanNetwork Lda. decide to conclude it.

9.3 In case OceaNetwork LDA notices any act, whether fraudulent or not, executed by the PARTNER against the principles of the present Agreement, is free to suspend the PARTNER from the Marketplace, at any time and without the duty of notice.

9.4 In case of illegal information or of repeated inaccurate or misleading information communicated, OceaNetwork LDA is allowed to suspend, at any time and without notice, the activity of the PARTNER inside GTTA.

9.5 OceaNetwork LDA has the right to conclude this PARTNER Agreement only in case a suspended PARTNER does not cooperate to accomplish, within 30 days from the receipt or any other time agreed, with the requirements or the indications communicated by OceaNetwork LDA.

9.6 If the present Agreement is suspended or concluded and no contract is in place between parties, the Partners must guarantee the SERVICES already confirmed by the suspended or former PARTNER and at the same time the suspended or former PARTNER must perform all related payments on time.

Horta, __/__/____





Oceanetwork, Lda



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