Paragliding, What to do in the Azores

Paragliding in the Azores

Paragliding in the Azores

Paragliding over the Ocean in the Azores

The Azores are considered by many to be an extraordinary destination for paragliding, given the large number of different spots that distinguish them and the many take-off and landing areas. Paragliding in the Azores is possible at any time of the year, but certainly the summer months are the best for practicing this sport.


Paragliding Azores


Many specialized paragliding agencies are under development; as it is not yet surveyed by the official tourism website, we refer you to a free search by reporting below what in turn reports:

In addition to technical cross country flights, flying over the volcanic lakes of Furnas, Fogo or Sete Cidades, the beaches and cliffs also guarantee extremely rewarding flight experiences.

The locality of Sete Cidades, on the island of São Miguel, has been classified by one of the European juries as one of the 60 best places in Europe for the practice of free flight.

The Azores Paragliding Festival has already known 20 editions, and every year it takes place in August, attracting countless national and foreign pilots, who during a week can exchange their experiences in the best spots in São Miguel.


2 thoughts on “Paragliding in the Azores

  1. Rosa says:

    Olá,gostaria muito de saber se é possivel praticar o parapente na ilha das flores e em quais meses do ano. Muito obrigada!

    1. Valeria Negro says:

      Olá, tanto quanto sabemos, não. Os ventos aqui nestas ilhas, especialmente os extremos, são muito fortes e imprevisíveis.

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