What to do in the Azores

Fishing in the Azores

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Premise: we don’t like fishing, as we don’t like hunting. Out of respect for a tradition of the Azores Islands, which has always based its economy on fishing, we also write this section.


big game fishing Azores


The Azores sea is one of the favorite destinations for deep sea fishing enthusiasts. Huge blue and white marlins swim in this part of the Atlantic, as well as Atlantic bluefin tuna, and many other and innumerable species that crowd this sea.
Among the islands of the triangle of the Azores archipelago (Faial, Pico and São Jorge), the wealth of marine fauna is particularly significant, even if any other island can be a starting point for outings at sea that guarantee large quantities and quality of fishing. On all the islands you can find many specialized deep sea fishing operators. And for those who prefer to fish independently, there is the possibility of renting boats and equipment.

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