Golf, What to do in the Azores

Golf in the Azores

Golf Azores 1

Golf in the Azores


The Azores offer three incredible courses of international level, usable in any season of the year thanks to the mild and stable climate, immersed in unique scenarios: overlooking the ocean or at altitude, immersed in cedars, hydrangeas and calle. It is definitely a delight to golf in the Azores!


Golf Azores


The courses are suitable for both professionals and beginners, for which there are academies ready to help you that also offer a series of programs for group practice of this sport: power play golf, golf baptism, putting contest and horse.
The three international courses are located in São Miguel – Furnas golf course and Batalha golf course – and in Terceira – Terceira golf club. All three fields are well located with respect to the airport and the nearest cities and can be reached in a time ranging from 15 to 50 minutes maximum. If you travel with SATA, bringing your equipment will not be a problem because the company does not impose any additional tax on this type of extra baggage. If you travel with other companies and want to avoid adding a cost, we remind you that all three golf courses offer a rental service for the equipment.

One last interesting note: in the Azores Rustic Golf is practiced, a variant of traditional golf played on “unofficial” fields and pastures. Same rules but different etiquette: the game is open to everyone, experienced players and community dwellers. A fun way to practice golf in contact with nature and local culture with a view to conviviality and exchange.

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