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Late Nights in the Azores

Late Nights in the Azores

Although this islands are definitely not Ibiza, nor the Caribbean Islands with parties that last all night, in the larger islands there are places to enjoy late nights in the Azores and having fun. Here is a small guide (in progress) to the Azores clubs and pubs


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Ponta Delgada is a good place to go in the evening if you are looking for something to do and some nightlife, especially in the summer and when festivals or other celebrations are scheduled.

After a day of relaxation on the beach, or around the island, on an evening with good weather there are many clubs open and a good mix of tourists and locals to enjoy the evening.

There are three key areas where people gather. The first is easy to recognize and find. It is a large square located behind the arches visible on the waterfront. There are often small concerts by local musicians, outdoor bars and the lights of the cathedral which give the whole a magnificent appearance.


Ponta Delgada Sao Miguel Azores


The second area is along the road that starts from the central square, where the best restaurants and cocktail bars are located.

The third area is on the water, or rather on the large pier where the marina is located and where cruise ships dock. This third area is known as Portas do Mar and has a good number of restaurants which are usually open late.

Portas do Mar is the cruise ship terminal and this is where most of the nightlife is located. There is often live music in the evening. There is a lot of space and it is not uncommon for much of the outdoor space to be used to host concerts and festivals.


Angra do Heroismo, the capital and largest inhabited center of the Island of Terceira, has been suffering for over 60 years from the presence of an American air and naval base built during the Second World War. The influence of the many military and marines is felt and as a result the locals (many emigrated and then returned to the island, or their offspring) have created bars and restaurants that are now the beating heart of the beautiful town.


Angra do Heroismo Terceira Azores



Despite being one of the smallest, the island of Faial has a beating heart which is its Marina. The fourth most visited in the world, by yachts, sailboats and boats of all kinds. Sailors have always stopped here during the Atlantic crossings and therefore there is no shortage of places to quench the thirst and entertain the people who stop here.

Horta is by nature a relatively calm place, and this reflects on its nightlife, which does not mean that there are not a good number of excellent places where you can relax and enjoy the best part of the day. Below is a non-exhaustive list of existing pubs, discos and cafes.Peter Café Sport

One of the most famous pubs in the world, where yacht crews and tourists of all nationalities enjoy a pleasant evening in a characteristic setting. In addition to having the best gin and tonic around, it also serves light snacks, and good quality hot dishes. The service is good even if the prices are a bit high (compared to the Azores average), as you will soon realize, it is always full. It is located in Rua Tenente Valadim, in front of the Marina di Horta on the road that goes to Porto Pim.


Peter Cafe Horta Faial Azores


Clube Naval da Horta

It is the Aquatic Club pub, it serves light snacks and has a good environment, quite full of people of all kinds every weekend and throughout the summer season. Reasonable prices even if the service is a bit slow. There is an outdoor area with excellent views of the harbor, as well as the pool tables. Occasionally there is live music or karaoke sessions. It is in Rua Vasco da Gama, near the Fort Stª Cruz, also facing the Marina.

Marina Bar

It also serves light snacks, the prices are relatively high because it is part of the Peter Café company. Customers are mostly tourists during the week mainly due to its location, which, as its name indicates, in the corner of the Marina.

Oceanic Cafe

A thematic bar located inside a historic building (1822), immediately adjacent and overlooking the main entrance of Horta Marina, offers a variety of snacks, and rivers of beer. Live music, closes at 2.00 am.

Cafè do Porto Pim

Beautiful traditional restaurant bar (seriously, not bogus) located on the seafront of one of the most beautiful bays of all the Azores, Porto Pim. Unpretentious, you can spend a wonderful evening chatting with locals and tourists listening to the light noise of the waves lapping the (white!) Beach of the bay. Occasionally they organize Fado Nights, too.

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