Horseback RIding, What to do in the Azores

Horseback riding in the Azores

horseback riding Azores 1

Horseback riding in the Azores

The Azores islands are an ideal destination for horseback riding lovers. In fact, all nine islands offer an incredible variety of routes that can be covered in the saddle: endemic forests, green and flowery hills and plains, deep valleys rich in water and waterfalls, lakes, sandy beaches, mountain and volcanic routes.

The typical horses of the islands are of the Lusitanian or Portuguese Cruzado breed: the routes offered for equestrian rides are suitable for both expert riders and beginners and are available in every season of the year.


horseback riding Azores


Horseback Riding immersed in the silence of nature and the incredible panoramas offered by the Atlantic Ocean can be a true experience of communion with one of the most incredible and magical places on our planet.

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