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Organic Farming in the Azores

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Thanks to its particular climatic characteristics, organic farming in the Azores is possible not only for “traditional” fruits and vegetables but also for products we westerners consider tropical such as bananas, pineapple, papaya, tea and coffee.

With its volcanic lands and a climate generally mild without peaks of extreme heat in the summer and without frost during winter, Azores are a really special place for cultivation, both in terms of variety and quantity of possible harvests.


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Unfortunately however, despite these precious characteristics, cultivation has been largely abandoned over the years in favor of breeding of cows for dairy products (and related fodder fields), an activity which has been greatly pushed by European incentives. This has led to the absurd supply of industrially produced fruits and vegetables from the Continent, mainly from Spain.

Although the family habit of the small self-sufficient vegetable garden and orchard has never been lost, in recent years small family farms for the production and trade of local fruits and vegetables are growing again.



This new beginning was born under the dictates, now finally considered vital, of 0 miles products , organic permaculture way of growing fruits and vegetables.

Having chosen when we were living in our Italy years ago to turn to the purchase of local and organic fruit and vegetables, using one of the first activities with these characteristics – Agrispesa – born in 2003, being finally able of finding here the same opportunity to buy healthy food from small local producers made us feel at home.

Each island has a growing network of producers from whom you can buy directly, in the days of market or who are activating home delivery services.


Prodotti biologici Azzorre


Many initiatives are appearing every day, thanks to the good side of socials and new technologies, to inform, update, disseminate, protect and help develop the growth of this activity.



One of these realities that is very active in cataloging and organizing organic farming in the Azores and all the efforts made by small farmers is Trybio, which also organizes seminars and events aimed both at informing locals and expats that there is an alternative to buying cheap and non-organic products in supermarkets, and to provide technical information (real collective lessons) on improving permaculture techniques by the members of the consortium.

Back to the land, then, with a healthier, more sustainable and ethical approach.

We already get supplies whenever possible from these small producers, you can do the same, we will all gain in health, including the earth!

At this link, you will find a list of certified organic farmers from which you can acquire products grown using organic farming techniques.


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  1. Verstraeten Guy says:

    Hello, I’m interested to visit the Azores but with special interest in farming and organic farming. I’m interested in business ideas to start a new life. Thank you for information.

    1. Guide to the Azores says:

      Hello and thanks for contacting us.
      The best source of information for farming and organic products is this association which is very
      active in promoting and encouraging organic farming. They organize courses, give certifications and so on.
      We think to contact them would be a good staring point.

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