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Azores and Covid-19

Azores and Covid-19

Azores and Covid-19

Azores and Covid 19

Rules and regulation for the entire Azorean Archipelago

What is required, what you need to do before and during your stay in the Azores

Update 12/03/2021

International passengers are again required to have a negative test result to Covid-19 at the time of departure, regardless of having a digital certificate of vaccination or recovery.

The Regional Government of the Azores no longer has agreements with laboratories or collect stations to carry out tests, before traveling to the Azores.

Only the travellers with the digital COVID-19 VACCINATION OR RECOVERY certificate don’t need to fill the online form Mysafeazores.

Passengers from Mainland Portugal or Madeira, with a Digital Vaccination Certificate, do not need a test.

Please remember to fill in the questionnaire/Form before you leave!



This is if you do not have the GREEN PASS

You must also fill in the form first



Rules about wearing mask and/or restrictions

Update 12/03/2021

Mask is again mandatory in all enclosed establishments.

Applicable to the islands of Corvo, Flores, Graciosa, Faial, Pico, São Jorge, Terceira, São Miguel and Santa Maria from 00:00 of 03 December 2021

a) It is mandatory to wear masks or visors to access or stay in closed spaces in accordance with the DRS Information Circular

b) Opening of all drinking establishments and similar, with dancing spaces, with compliance with the applicable technical guidelines, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Regional Health Authority

c) Opening of all catering, drinking and similar establishments in the sports events venue, under the terms of the guidelines issued by the Regional Health Authority

d) Opening of crèches, kindergartens, childcare centres, childcare centres, youth development and inclusion centres, occupational activity centres, day centres, senior citizen centres and similar responses, under the terms of the guidelines issued by the Regional Health Authority

e) Permission to visit the elderly and users residing in residential structures for the elderly, in long term care units and in health care homes, as well as users of residential structures for persons with disabilities, under the terms of the guidelines issued by the Regional Health Authority

f) Limitation of public presence in cultural events and sports competitions to three quarters of the respective capacity, unless authorized by the Regional Health Authority for a higher capacity, after previous evaluation of the contingency plan of the space and/or event by the County Health Delegation.


Guidelines from : https://destinoseguro.azores.gov.pt/ 

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