Canyoning, What to do in the Azores

Canyoning in the Azores

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The Azores islands, being an archipelago located on the Middle Atlantic ridge made up of islands of volcanic origin, offer optimal conditions for canyoning. Streams, steep walls surrounding deep volcanic lakes, cliffs and much more.

The three main islands that offer the greatest number of itineraries are São Miguel, Flores and São Jorge. Flores is the island that has the greatest variety of routes: from the simplest to those characterized by strong verticals. In São Jorge the verticality of the routes is the predominant and peculiar feature. Also on the islands of Faial and Santa Maria there are extremely interesting routes for lovers of this sport.


canyoning Azores


This sport naturally involves a certain level of experience which includes walking on difficult terrain, rope maneuvers, climbing and walking in water. The various itineraries are classified in order of difficulty and therefore require different levels of preparation. Local agencies offer courses for beginners and courses for experts, as well as of course all the necessary equipment: helmets, wetsuits, ropes, harnesses.

It is always preferable, in case of extreme sports like this, to be accompanied by authorized guides.

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