Birdwatching, What to do in the Azores

Birdwatching in the Azores

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Birdwatching in the Azores

The Azores islands are considered an ideal destination for bird watchers: the archipelago can count on about 400 species to observe, of which about thirty nesting in the area, including some extremely rare in the western Paleatric.

Occasionally many migratory species can be observed which, thanks to the mid-Atlantic position of the islands, stop on the Azorean territory as a stop during a long journey, especially if they encounter adverse weather conditions along the way.

the Azores hosts the most significant breeding populations in the world of the species known as Calonectris Borealis (Cagarro in Portuguese) , and to the species Tern of Dougall (Sterna dougallii).


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Other observable species include: the Azores Bullfinch, locally called Priolo (Pyrrhula murina), one of the rarest birds in Europe, endemic to a small area of the island of São Miguel, the Atlantic Canary (Serinus canaria,) species known exclusively in the Macaronesia area, the Monteiro Storm Bird (Oceanodroma monteiroi), one of the rarest European sea birds, endemic to the stacks of the island of Graciosa, and several endemic subspecies such as the slide rule (Regulus regulus azoricus, R sanctaemariae, R. r. inermis), the chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs moreletti), pigeon of the Azores (Columba palumbus azorica) and the common buzzard (Buteo buteo rothschildi).


Flores and Corvo are the main destination for the observation of American passerines, Terceira for the observation of seagulls and waders, Graciosa and São Miguel for endemic species. Birdwatching can however be practiced on all the islands and there are many local ecotourism agencies that offer interesting excursions to lovers of observation of volatile species.

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