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Beaches and Natural Pools in the Azores

Beaches and Natural Pools in the Azores

A surprising number of beaches and natural pools

Despite their particular conformation and geological origin, there are a good number of beaches and natural pools in the Azores for lovers of sea and sun bathing, numerous thermal hot water, and, in some islands, the possibility of bathing in volcanic lakes, streams and mountain pools at the foot of waterfalls.


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List of places where you can take a bath in the Azores

Santa Maria has a jagged coastline that offers large coves with calm and crystalline waters such as the bays of Cré, Raposo and Tagarete but it is also the archipelago’s seaside resort par excellence. It has several natural beaches and swimming pools, with excellent infrastructure for summer activities.

The beaches of Santa Maria are the clearest of the Azores islands, such as Praia Formosa, the stony beaches of Figueiral and Baia de Lobos, and the beaches of Prainha and Sul.

The volcanic nature of the island has also shaped the natural pools of Maia and Anjos, which have been associated with excellent beach infrastructures.

The natural hot water pools on São Miguel are numerous and excellent: Caldeira Velha, with transparent water flowing along the ocher veins in the black rock, the Terra Nostra Park, a botanical garden without equal where colored ferrous water flows yellowish.

Poça da Beija, with crystal-clear pools and invigorating mud, the historic thermal building of Caldeiras di Ribeira Grande, dating back to 1811 surrounded by steaming trees and fields, the “hydropolis” of Furnas with dozens of thermal springs, fumaroles and bicarbonate waters natural effervescent, which make this location a Mecca of global thermalism.


Beaches and Natural Pools in the Azores


On the southern coast there are very popular beaches such as Pópulo, Vinha da Areia and Ribeira Quente. For those who prefer more intimacy in contact with nature, the beaches of Amora, Viola, Lombo Gordo or Mosteiros should be mentioned.

Finally, dug between the rocks and black rocks full of crystal clear water, there are maritime pools and natural pools in various parts of the island, such as Capelas, Calhetas and Lagoa. In Ponta da Ferraria, nature heats the sea water with volcanic thermal waters that allow thalassotherapy in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in a unique natural environment.

On Terceira there are many natural pools, more or less equipped with bathing facilities: Salgueiros, Silveira, Negrito, Quatro Ribeiras, Biscoitos and Porto Martins, to name a few, are equipped with excellent bathing infrastructure.


The Pools of Varadouro, Faial - Azores

The Pools of Varadouro, Faial – Azores


On the island of Graciosa we mention Carapacho, Praia, Barro Vermelho and Calheta which are as many invitations to sunbath and sea. In Carapacho, the presence of thermal waters around 40 ° C offers relaxing and therapeutic baths in waters with beneficial properties. In the same resort, in the recently renovated natural pools, you can enjoy a bath in sea water heated by thermal water, thus undergoing a relaxing and exotic natural thalassotherapy.

On São Jorge there are natural swimming pools in Velas, Fajã do Ouvidor, Fajã Grande and Topo.


Natural Pool in Topo, São Jorge - Azores

Natural Pool in Topo, São Jorge – Azores


The island of Pico, with many enchanting bays and inlets, has various bathing areas, often obtained from the naturally indented coast. Numerous natural pools, located on the lava rocks, invite you to bathe in the crystal clear waters of the sea. The only proper beach is in Prainha, on the north coast.

Faial is the island, among those of the “triangle” that offers the largest number of volcanic sand beaches: Porto Pim, Praia do Almoxarife and Praia do Norte invite to refreshing sea baths. In the Varadouro area, the bay houses a natural swimming pool between the caves and the rocky points of black lava. Other natural pools are found in Castelo Branco, near the Airport and at Porto do Comprido in the Capelinhos area.


Praia do Almoxarife Faial Azores

Praia do Almoxarife in Faial, Azores


On the island of Flores you can swim in the natural pools of Santa Cruz, on the beaches close to Lajes das Flores, or on the stony one of Fajã Grande, or even in the pools at the foot of the waterfalls, such as in Poço do Bacalhau and Ribeira Grande .

In Corvo you can swim on the Praia da Areia beach and in Porto da Casa.

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