Surf, What to do in the Azores

Surf in the Azores

Surf in the Azores

Thanks to its particular and unique geographical location, the Azores archipelago is a unique and highly attractive place for lovers of wave sports: the particular morphology of the various islands allows you to practice the different specialties: Surf, Bodyboard, Sup, Windsurf.

Surf in the Azores


There are many different sports related to waves, each practiced in different contexts, that lovers of this activity know how to identify well (depending on the type of wave): beach breaks, reef breaks and point breaks. The various specialties are modular, depending on the area, from beginners to professionals of big waves.

During the winter, the strong waves generated by the Terra Nova area to the north predominate, which, thanks to constant depression and cold currents, pass to the north of the archipelago.

The summer months are dominated by marine movements from tropical storms that pass south of the islands with waves created by the depression that forms between South Africa and Antarctica and which cross over 11,000 km of sea. These waves are known among the local population as “inchas” or as “August tides”.


Places for Surf in the Azores

There are many spots to surf in the Azores, among them these are particularly noteworthy:

Areal Santa Barbara (São Miguel Island)

Baia das Quatro Ribeiras (Terceira Island)

Baixa da Vila Nova (Terceira Island)

Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo (São Jorge Island)

Praia do Norte (Faial Island)

Located in Faja a beautiful small village facing north, this is a consistent and crowded wave in Faial, with various right and left-hand peaks. Entrance and exit are through the beach.

This is a great quality break and it is usually nice and empty. It can be tricky to get in and out when waves are big.



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