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Whale and Dolphins Watching

65.00 OceanEmotion
Azores stands out as one of the prime destinations for Whale Watching globally. With a recorded presence of 28 whale and dolphin species, comprising approximately 33% of the recognized cetacean species worldwide.  Meeting Point: Marina de Angra, OceanEmotion office Meeting time: From June to September: 8.15 AM - From October to May 8.30 AM Duration ca. 3-3.30h

* The trip is shared with other participants and requires a minimum of 1 persons to a maximum of 10

Whale watching

75.00 Norberto Diver
During this activity you will have the opportunity to observe whales and dolphins (cetaceans) in their natural habitat. The main whale watching season on the island of Faial runs from April to October. You can go on a whale watching tour regardless of age and physical state, everyone is welcome! * The trip is shared with other participants and requires a minimum of 6 persons

Whale Watching

67.00 From Azores Experiences
Whale watching is one of our greatest passions! We are truly passionate and fascinated by these animals, and every day we try to pass on a little of this passion, and our knowledge, to all those who choose us to live this experience. We organise morning and afternoon trips, lasting between 3 and 4 hours. The species sighted may vary depending on the time of year, however we do have some species that are "resident" all year round, such as the Sperm Whale. * Please see our terms and conditions and cancellation policy below

Whale Watching & Islet Boat Tour

Meet us at the Marina of Vila Franca do Campo for check-in at the specified time.

The journey starts with a short briefing introducing Cetacean (Whales and Dolphins) local species, their migration and behavioural patterns, and onboard safety.

Follow the Guide and Skipper to your designated boat, and go out to sea. Lookouts high inland help locate our friends, and provide directions via VHF Radio to where the boat will travel, initially at high speed. Carefully approaching our friends, your Guide will keep you informed, collect field imagery and data for local research, and is always available throughout to provide answers to any specific questions – feel free to ask.

Marine Wildlife can be observed yearlong. More than 25 cetacean species are possible to observe, Sperm Whales are resident alongside 3 dolphin species, and abundant marine biodiversity.

Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour Pico Island

Lajes do Pico is one of the best places in the world in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to observe various species of whales and dolphins. Observe the world's largest marine animals on this whale-watching trip to Pico Island. Bringing nature to life, the Azores are considered one of the best places in the world to spot ocean giants such as sperm whales and blue whales. A marine reserve with growing numbers of resident and migratory cetaceans, explore the horizon to observe impressive breaches and the behaviour of porpoises at Pico Island in the Azores!