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Jeep Safari Tour – Full Day

85.00 Azores Escape
(PT) Connect with the interior of the Laurissilva forest; with its unique flora and fauna in a completely different and adventurous way aboard our 4x4 convertible vehicles prepared to access different places. You'll also discover our island's most interesting cultural and scenic spots. (EN) Connect with the interior of the Laurissilva flowers; with its unique flora and fauna in a completely different and adventurous way aboard our 4x4 convertible vehicles prepared to access different places. In addition, get to know the points of greatest cultural and scenic interest on our island.

Half Day Guided Sea Kayaking

45.00 Hominis Natura

Pico Mountain provides the backdrop for this active adventure. Feel the salty air through your hair as you paddle through crystal clear waters. 

Along the way, we get a chance to kayak into a volcanic crater. Armed with a snorkel, we stop briefly at a pebble beach to admire the marine life. From the sea, we also see the remains of a vibrant whale past. 

It’s the perfect chance to discover Pico Island in a really fun and interesting way.


Casa Aguaplano Suite (Available Soon)

80.00 Double Casa Aguaplano
Available soon! Suitable for a family or a group of friends, this 90 sqm suite is spacious with a large kitchen, a cosy living room with a wood-burning stove, and a study with a sofa that can also be used as an extra bed. The deck in front offers the opportunity to enjoy incomparable sunsets Come enjoy the quiet countryside in one of the most lush area of Faial, waking up to the gorgeous sight of the ocean skyilne and countless singing blackbirds.

Whale Watching

67.00 From Azores Experiences
Whale watching is one of our greatest passions! We are truly passionate and fascinated by these animals, and every day we try to pass on a little of this passion, and our knowledge, to all those who choose us to live this experience. We organise morning and afternoon trips, lasting between 3 and 4 hours. The species sighted may vary depending on the time of year, however we do have some species that are "resident" all year round, such as the Sperm Whale. * Please see our terms and conditions and cancellation policy below

Mount Pico Night Climb

85.00 Tripix Azores
Shrouded in the darkness of night and a starry sky, we set out to conquer Pico mountain, with the Milky Way as our backdrop. The adventure culminates with the arrival of the first rays of sunlight, which bathe the horizon over the ocean in dazzling colours. Join us on this cosmic journey and marvel at the magnificence of the universe.

VAN TOUR – Underground (Half Day)

The underground caves are one of the most fantastic things to visit on Terceira Island. This tour takes in the Gruta do Natal and Algar do Carvão, as well as the famous Gases Sulfurosos / Furnas do Enxofre and the Lagoa dos Patos leisure area. Meeting Point: Our office in Angra do Heroismo or please indicate below where you want be picked-Up and dropped-Off The tour starts at 2 Pm and lasts about three hours  

Whale Watching & Islet Boat Tour

Meet us at the Marina of Vila Franca do Campo for check-in at the specified time.

The journey starts with a short briefing introducing Cetacean (Whales and Dolphins) local species, their migration and behavioural patterns, and onboard safety.

Follow the Guide and Skipper to your designated boat, and go out to sea. Lookouts high inland help locate our friends, and provide directions via VHF Radio to where the boat will travel, initially at high speed. Carefully approaching our friends, your Guide will keep you informed, collect field imagery and data for local research, and is always available throughout to provide answers to any specific questions – feel free to ask.

Marine Wildlife can be observed yearlong. More than 25 cetacean species are possible to observe, Sperm Whales are resident alongside 3 dolphin species, and abundant marine biodiversity.

Overnight in the Crater – Pico Mountain

145.00 goclimbazores
It's a pleasure to invite you to join us on this adventure to the summit of Pico Mountain! This is the most iconic and remarkable experience in the Azores, perfect for those with good physical fitness, even without any mountaineering experience. Start: 3pm Arrival: 11am the following day

Terceira Island – Full-Day Jeep Tour

69.00 Spot Tours
Discover the best of Terceira Island on a full-day guided trip from Angra do Heroísmo. Your hotel in Angra is the point of departure and arrival.

Suite Papalva

183.00 From Miradouro da Papalva

The premium Suite Papalva is our most spacious option and includes the luxury of an ensuite with a sumptuous corner jacuzzi spa, providing the perfect way to relax after a day of adventure exploring the many sights and experiences of Pico Island.

A comfortable Queen size bed and a delightful private outdoor patio to unwind, and take in the views of the ocean and the beautiful “Pico” Mountain.

Jeep Safari Tour – Half Day

0.00 Azores Escape
Wild Escapes: Half-Day Jeep Safari Adventure on Terceira Island Unleash Your Inner Explorer Buckle up and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled journey through the heart of Terceira Island. Our Half-Day Jeep Safari promises an off-road adventure like no other. Leave the ordinary.

ESCUNA – Single Room, Shared Bathroom

ESCUNA - Single Room Second Floor (no elevator) View on the inner backyard Shared bathroom with the double room Clipper